Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to Make Bootable Flashdisk or Hardisk with Command Prompt

Why we need bootable Flash disk or Hard disk? It is really useful when you want to install lot of PC or Notebook efficiently. Some notebook event doesn’t have CD or DVD room, using external DVD portable would make you spend lot of money to buy it. Flash disk is cheaper than external DVD portable. If you use DVD it would scratch the disc and would not have long lifetime.

This method could be used to install windows Operating System such as windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 with Hard Disk or Flash disk. In this tutorial I would like to make bootable Flashdisk that contain Windows 8 pro installer.

  1. Prepare at least 4 GB free storage device because windows 8 pro itself spend at least 3, 82 GB. (If you use Flash disk I recommend to use 8 GB flash disk or more. With this method you can still use the Flash disk with any other files as usual).
  2. Insert Flash disk to your USB port at your PC or Notebook. That has windows operating system in it. Back up your data in your Flash Disk if you have important data, I recommend to make your Flash Disk empty first. Because it will be formatted with this method.
  3. Open Command Prompt. It is easier by pressing windows logo button and press button R at the same time on your keyboard.
    (Windows + R).
  4. In the Command Prompt window, type “DISKPART” and then press “ENTER”. Don’t worry in command prompt it is not case sensitive it’s up to you to use lower case or upper case.
    After you press “ENTER”, this window will appear.
  5. Type “LIST DISK” and then Press “ENTER”. Remember to type “LIST DISK” with space between List and Disk.
    This window will appear, look at the each of disk sizes to identify the type of the storage devices. For the example the size of Disk 0 is 465 GB that is my hard disk size in my notebook. Disk 1 size is 7680 MB, so this is the size of Flash Disk that I want use as bootable Flash disk.
  6. Type this command in order and press enter every line.
    • CLEAN
    • ACTIVE
    Wait until 100 % Completed and then type “EXIT” and then press “Enter”. You can also skip the “FORMAT FS=NTFS” with faster format method.

    Click the flashdisk and this is the massage box will appear, choose format disk.
    After you choose format disk, this window will appear, change the file system into "NTFS" and click start to format the flashdisk.
    wait until format is completed.
  7. Insert the Windows 8 installer, it could be DVD of Windows 8 or if you have the windows8.iso (image or NRG) files you can mount it now. I recommend to use daemon tools to mount the image of the disc. Click this link to know how to make iso or nrg files.
  8. Run Command Prompt as Administrator. Type the directory of the disk that contain windows 8. For the example if directory is F, type " F: " and then press enter. Type CD BOOT press enter, Type again BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60:
    Wait until the process complete like the picture of CMD window below this text.
  9. copy all the file inside the disc windows 8 into the flashdisk
  10. Now you can use it as the Installer of windows 8 operating system. just manage the boot priority or choose the boot option in BIOS ( by presing F2 or F12, etc depend on the type of your device in the very early start of your devices. if you are already using windows 8, you have to turn off the turn on fast first, to make you be able to manage the BIOS of your devices). thank you very much for reading this tips.

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